The pF-meter delivers exact, high-resolution measurements for physically-stable substances (volumetric heat capacity, see Fig. 1).

Due to the latest measurement methods, the pF-Meter is able to record the matrix potential under equilibrium conditions (e.g. in a soil) over a large measurement range from pF 0 to pF 7.0 (see Fig. 2); this is possible with a very high resolution never reached before (see Fig. 3).


Figure 1:
Sensor measurement data of stable substances



Figure 2:
Sensor measurements within a controlled evaporation experiment up to pF 5.6


Figure 3:
Sensor measurements in a sandpit experiment. The quick reaction of the pF-meter at a sudden change of the matrix potential is evident


Figure 4:
down: typical running of pF-values during the summer 2006.
top: rain events (b
lue dots), surface temperature (red line)

wireless data logger (433 / 915 MHz) / M-Log5W


Technical specifications  

small dimensions

waterproof housing

high storage capacity

high data security

variable scan cycle

low energy consumption

Lithium Battery (removeable)

logger access protection

user friendly software

wireless interface

- 140mm x 20mm (housing without sensor)

- plastic or stainless steel housing/ IP69

- up to 400.000 messure values / 2.048 kb

- flash memory / not volatile

- 2s to 12h

- up to 10 years with one battery

- 2.400 mAh / -55C to + 85C / Li-COCl2

- 4 digit access code

- GP-Shell5W (Windows 95/98/XP/Vista/7)

- operating rang up to 50m



data logger for air humidity and ait temperature in white plasic housing
filter cap: HD-polyethylen, porous diameter 25μm
sensor type: Sensirion SHT75
accuracy air humitity: +/- 1.8%
accuracy air temperature: +/- 0.3°C



GeoPrecision Products

The manufacture and developement of innovative products for environment measurement is the cor expertise of GeoPrecision.

GeoPrecision Products are well known for their reliablility over many years thanks to their high technical standard and well-thought-out technology.

internet data logger / i-Log3V and i-Log12V


The universal data logger works autonomous with energy-saving GPRS transmission technology.

Designed for efficient data management with worldwide access.

  • i-Log-3V  - internal power supply with
    .................. two 1.5 volt batteries / type D-cell

  • i-Log12V - external power supply 12-14V 
    ................... optimized for solar pannels




very economical GPRS-transmission/ only 0.05 to 0.5 Euro cent per transmission

bidirectional internet access / field logger can be programmed over home PC

digital SDI12-bus / up to 48 digital channels

rugged aluminium housing / IP67

local data access to the logger via radio transmission / 433 MHz, range up to 100 meter

large and save flash RAM / 100.000 to 500.000 measure values


  • SDI12-analog converter..........................access: 6 analoge sensors, +/- 2.5V
  • SDI12-redox-probe converter.................access: reference elecrode + 7 time redox probe
  • SDI12-pH-probe converter......................access: reference elecrode + 7 time pH-probe
  • SDI12-SENSIRION-converter.................access: 1 digital air humidity/temperature sensor, SHT75
  • SDI12-temperature-string converter.....access: up to 48 PT1000-temperature sensors / up to 100m