The pF-meter delivers exact, high-resolution measurements for physically-stable substances (volumetric heat capacity, see Fig. 1).

Due to the latest measurement methods, the pF-Meter is able to record the matrix potential under equilibrium conditions (e.g. in a soil) over a large measurement range from pF 0 to pF 7.0 (see Fig. 2); this is possible with a very high resolution never reached before (see Fig. 3).


Figure 1:
Sensor measurement data of stable substances



Figure 2:
Sensor measurements within a controlled evaporation experiment up to pF 5.6


Figure 3:
Sensor measurements in a sandpit experiment. The quick reaction of the pF-meter at a sudden change of the matrix potential is evident


Figure 4:
down: typical running of pF-values during the summer 2006.
top: rain events (b
lue dots), surface temperature (red line)